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Compliance Training & Education

Whether your needs include in-house compliance staff or increased skill set, Currin Compliance Services, Inc. (CCS) can help.

Whether you are starting from scratch or with an existing staff, we can help you build a strong presence within your company. We'll help you evaluate at your resources and your needs for a compliance department and bring them into alignment. In addition, we develop plans for expansion of the department so that as resources become available, they can be used in ways that continue to be consistent with your compliance needs.

Often compliance staff needs training to learn new subjects or hone existing skills. That is where our staff of educators can help. We train home office and distribution personnel on all aspects of compliance with respect to life insurance, annuities, and supplemental health. Each training session is customized to meet your needs. Some of our most commonly requested topics include:

  • Replacement issues, including or excluding Regulation 60 (NY)
  • Advertising compliance
  • General sales practice issues
  • Operational compliance policies & procedures
  • Supervision and oversight
  • New business compliance and how to spot problems
  • What is different about NY?
  • What can we do electronically?
  • Indexed annuities in NY
  • ORSA and ERM: We read the regulations, what do we do now?

In addition, the CCS attorneys and compliance analysts perform complex national and multi-state regulatory and compliance research on a variety of issues and for life, health, and annuity insurers, banks, and trust companies.

We will provide you with easy-to-digest regulatory updates addressing changes to the laws and regulations in the life, annuity, LTC, and supplemental health lines of business tailored for the jurisdiction(s) where your company does business. We can also work with you to implement regulatory changes in an efficient manner to assure compliance.

Do you find it difficult to schedule training as a group? Ask us about our Currin Insurance Compliance Education Program - online / demand learning.