Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud, and OFAC Services for Non-Bank Financial Institutions

Protect your company and reputation by designing your AML program to fit your needs and your examiner’s expectations, effectively and efficiently. Whether you are a multinational corporation or a small financial institution, a well-designed AML program should target your exposure from risks presented by your products, distribution channels, clients, services, and geographies. An AML program does not have to be extravagant – it has to effectively mitigate your company's risks.


Independent testing of an AML Program is a key pillar of compliance and the most effective tool in ensuring that regulatory examinations have an optimal outcome. Regulations require that your AML Program is periodically tested by an independent, qualified party to make sure it continues to mitigate the money laundering risks to which your products, distribution channels, services, transactions, and geographies expose your company. We bring extensive experience and knowledge in insurance, securities, and MSB operations, products, services, and distribution channels, as well as experience and certification in AML and CFT, to your independent audit, assuring minimal disruption with optimal results.

Risk Assessment

Your first step to right-sized compliance requires financial services companies to have an AML program to mitigate the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing. This requires understanding the company’s exposure, so that you can wisely and cost-effectively mitigate your risks, avoiding fines and damage to your reputation. But many companies do not have the resources, expertise or time to perform an Anti-Money Laundering Risk Assessment. We can conduct your enterprise-wide AML Risk Assessment, leveraging proprietary tools and extensive experience in AML and financial services operations to produce a Risk Assessment that:

Lays the foundation for a right-sized and effective AML program

Measures risk, allowing you to track risk over time

Links risks to mitigations in your AML program

Policies and Procedures - The controls that protect your company, stockholders, and customers from money laundering and fraud!

Whether your level of risk is mitigated by exception reports or whether it calls for a fully automated transaction monitoring system, we can help you design appropriate controls to mitigate your risk, satisfy regulations, and meet your regulators’ expectations. BSA/AML regulations require that you establish and implement policies and procedures reasonably designed to detect and prevent or cause the reporting of suspicious transactions. We help you determine the right-sized policies and procedures to accomplish this effectively, efficiently, and appropriately for your risk profile. Our experience in business processes, operations, systems, products, and distribution channels as well as our AML and anti-fraud knowledge and experience provide the foundation for defining policies appropriate for your risk appetite and designing procedures and controls to implement them.