Compliance and Risk Mitigation Assistance for Insurance Carriers and Marketing Organizations

Life insurance and annuity products are generally considered the foundation of a well-rounded retirement portfolio, and insurance carriers and marketing organizations are committed to helping consumers understand the benefits these valuable products offer. However, the industry is heavily regulated at the state and federal level, and navigating the multitude of regulations can be complicated. At Currin Compliance Services, Inc. we are dedicated to helping our clients pursue their goals while minimizing regulatory exposure.

We offer a wide variety of customized compliance services to help insurance carriers and distribution partners identify and mitigate their compliance risks. Our services include compliance training, risk assessments, advertising, operational processes, sales practice issues, suitability, and more. Let us focus on your compliance needs, so you can focus on the long term success of your business!

Insurance Carriers

Insurance carriers face the unique challenge of complying with numerous state regulations, as well as separate federal mandates. Quite often, insurance companies address regulatory compliance in a highly reactive mode, not fully aware of compliance problems until they are faced with a market conduct examination, or complaints from regulators or policy holders. The obvious risks to this approach include fines, litigation and potential negative media coverage. At Currin Compliance Services we help our clients master the increasing complexities of the regulatory environment and proactively handle compliance challenges. We have extensive experience assisting both commercial insurance carriers and fraternal benefit organizations in understanding and managing their unique risks. Through our extensive menu of compliance services, we provide companies with the training and the tools they need to manage their risks and protect their reputation. Learn more about large and small carriers...

Marketing Organizations

As your business grows, your compliance risks also grow. In the past, regulators and plaintiffs’ attorneys turned to the deep pockets of the insurance companies who manufacture products for resolution of any compliance issue arising from the sale of its products. Today, state insurance regulators are also looking closely at product distributors – marketing organizations and insurance producers – and are raising the bar, expecting all parties to the sale to follow ethical and fair sales practices regulations. At Currin Compliance Services, we help our client manage risk exposure through a variety of risk identification and mitigation services. Learn more...

Does your organization have the right compliance structure in place? Do you know what your key risks are? We can help you assess and enhance your compliance program. Contact us to find out how our services can fit your unique compliance needs.