NY Illustration Annual Certifications

Happy New Year!

With the new year upon us, many insurers are working on annual filings. Some companies may have done their annual illustration filings for 1/1/2010, but if your company uses a later date in the year for NY, be sure to consult the [guidance] issued by the NYSID last fall on this topic.

Of particular note is the section titled How Should Policy Forms be Listed? This will come as a surprise to many, I believe. The Department states: “Many certifications only contain lists of policy forms that are currently being issued; however, the certification also pertains to illustrations for existing policies on forms no longer being issued.” They emphasize that the list must include all forms for which in-force illustrations subject to the regulation could have been made. The guidance says that the list should distinguish between forms currently being issued and those no longer issued. Note also that all riders “involved” in illustrations must be listed in the annual certification as well as the base policy form.

While guidance setting out best practices and recommendations for clean submissions are always appreciated, this seems to be a new interpretation of this long-standing requirement. Nonetheless, the guidance does indicate that this is one of the Department’s “expectations” and it seems likely that those companies submitting lists formatted in ways that have been accepted previously may find they are not accepted this time around.

For those submitting via SERFF, the filing guidance is quite helpful: TOI “Life Insurance & Annuity Products” Sub-TOI “General” and filing type “Life Annual Illustration Certification.”