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LHCA Atlanta Meeting

Last week the 95th LHCA meeting was held in Atlanta and I think it was a great success. There is something very unique and special about LHCA, a forum where compliance personnel from a large number of companies can, within the limitations of antitrust rules and regulations, discuss and brainstorm solutions to the issues presented to them daily. At most conferences, attendees sit and listen. Often very valuable information is received and generally there is an opportunity to ask questions of the presenters, but at those conferences, the topics and presenters are selected by others. As a frequent speaker at such conferences, I know that the presenters do their best to address specific issues of attendees, but the focus is more on the one-way transmission of information. LHCA is different.

At this LHCA meeting, one of the hottest topics was the changes to the annuity suitability regulations which begin to go into effect on January 1, 2011. One of the biggest challenges companies are facing is how to implement the requirement for product specific training. I think the participants found it very helpful to have the opportunity to discuss, face-to-face, the options under consideration and the various up- and down-sides to those options. I am working with a couple of companies on implementing these programs, and it was very helpful to hear what others are doing and to be able to exchange information on strategies and progress.

I greatly appreciate all those willing to discuss their company’s experiences on this and the other issues raised and discussed at the meeting in Atlanta. Thank you to the meeting host, Michael L. Granger, PA, and to all who came and participated!