NYSID Website Has New Page on Modernization Initiative

I have previously written about the Modernization Initiative. (See 12/3/2010 post.) Today the NYSID unveiled a new page on their newly designed website devoted to the Initiative. In addition to the final report of the committee looking at modernization, there is the previously announced first-ever webinar on doing “me too” property and casualty filings. Most interesting are the updates as of January 11, 2011 that are provided on that page. It is great to see some of the recommendations coming to life and being implemented. Given the concentration of my own work and my participation in the effort, it would be great to see some more updates dealing with the life side, but movement and progress is good!

It is also a good idea to have all the efforts pulled together in one place on the website so that those of us who are interested can find them easily and continue to follow the modernization progress. I am hopeful that the implementation will continue even though we are now looking at a future Insurance Department that may be combined with the Banking Department and the Consumer Protection Board.