"Election" Disclosure

As no surprise to anyone who knows me, I have strong opinions about the election and the candidates for president. But my thoughts this morning are not about the candidates themselves so much as what we are told as voters. As a political junkie, I watch all the shows and hear all the calls for more detailed information about each candidate’s plans for dealing with the problems we face as a nation. Both men seem reluctant to give us that information. I think we as voters could handle the truth. I also think insurance consumers can handle the truth about the products they are offered. 

In our little corner of the world, we are the ones calling for full disclosure. Just as we want politicians to stand behind their plans, at CCS we look for insurers and producers to be honest and stand behind their products, details and all! It is frustrating to us when there seems to be a clear effort to hide what it is they are selling. As presidential candidates should clearly tell us what they would support, if elected, the sale of an insurance product should honestly include a discussion of the details of the product. It would be better for the country and it would be better for the insurance industry and it would be better for insurance consumers.