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It's good to be back!

As many of you know I recently suffered a fairly serious injury—the loss of a significant part of one finger as a result of breaking up a fight between two of my dogs. My reaction in that split second changed many things for me. As the wound itself has healed, it has become clear that I have also suffered nerve damage—whether that’s temporary or permanent remains to be seen. What this has made me think about most (aside from the pain) is change and how my experience of learning to do things differently after my injury is similar to our clients learning to do things differently in a changing regulatory environment.

I must now learn to do things differently because the old, comfortable, and easy ways simply don’t work for me anymore. One option is to focus on those old ways and how much “better” they were. Another option is to accept that my world is different now and how I have to do things differently to adapt to the changing world.

Those who know me would, I think, say I am generally a positive, glass half-full kind of person. But this injury has been tough and I am struggling. Change can be really hard and learning to do things differently isn’t always fun. Sometimes, however, there is simply no choice. The alternative to change involves even more pain than the change itself. Neither is easy, but sometimes we just have to suck it up, push on and do things differently.