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Support and Training for Insurance Agents?

My nephew recently began what we thought might be a career in life insurance sales after not being able to get a job in the field in which he holds a master’s degree: teaching. He seemed to be in a good situation and was excited about the work and the prospects for both personal and financial success in the industry. But that came to a quick end when, after a couple of short months, he was asked to go door-to-door. That was something he was not prepared to do.

I was surprised to hear that he had suddenly left the field. I also totally understood not wanting to go door-to-door selling insurance. He has decided that substitute teaching is a better alternative.

I think someone who would have been an asset to the industry was lost in what seems to have been bait and switch training. He never would have studied for his license and started the training if he had been told he’d be going door-to-door. Having been licensed he was excited about the industry and his career. He is very social, well spoken and a superb networker. He was excited to turn those skills into sales.

Now he is soured and cynical about the same industry – no longer likely to speak highly of it. It seems a shame to me, particularly as I read over and over in trade publications about the importance of supporting and training agents for longevity. It didn’t happen for my nephew.