There are times when owning a business is hard...

...sometimes really hard. But there are times when there is no doubt that it is absolutely the best job ever! Last month was one of those times. Glenda Bean and Kaycie Tyll made me so proud as they led our first (now to be regular) Advertising Compliance Symposium in MN, October 12-13. Patience Davidson did a great job organizing it and holding all the details together. Machael Heise was my eyes and ears texting me throughout so that I knew what was happening in real time. 

I needed that communication because at the last minute, I was unable to stay for the whole event. My father is quite ill. (Some of you may remember that he had acute leukemia five years ago and responded unbelievably well to a very tough course of treatment.) He now has myelodysplasia that is a result of the chemo he received for the leukemia back then. It is a very serious condition and he has once again had to begin chemotherapy. I had to get home to be his caregiver. For me personally, this has been devastating news and seeing my father endure more chemo is incredibly hard. 

For Glenda and Kaycie, it meant that they had to take on more responsibility because I wasn’t there. But did they ever step up. I trusted completely that they were up to the task when I left and they were. The feedback was incredibly positive. This year’s symposium was held in Bloomington, MN and we are already working on selecting the next location, so watch for that announcement! 

It is a great thing to experience the growth of my staff. I have seen it over and over throughout the almost 10 years we have been in business. And I never stop being proud. I know that we are trusted with big and important matters and my staff proves every day that they are worthy of that trust. That is reinforced for me as I walk around the office and see the hard work and dedication, and as I hear conversations in our common areas. 

I see it and I feel it, but I don’t say it often enough in public. So let me take advantage of this opportunity. I am very honored that this great team of committed and talented individuals has chosen to work here. Every day I strive to keep CCS a place that makes them want to stay. They are truly compliance heroes!