'Twas the night before Christmas, and Chanukah too

We wish you all a very happy holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous new year! We hope you enjoy this twist on a holiday classic, penned by our very own and quite talented Suzanne Seay!

'Twas the night before Christmas, and Chanukah too
We had a response for New York that was due.
We’d had 15 days to address every objection
We did all we could to avoid their rejection.
Every ‘t’ had been crossed, every ‘i’ had been dotted,
All the coffee was drunk, every stomach was knotted.
PDF’s were all ready, uploading begun,
We at Currin Compliance were up for some fun.
But wait, just a minute, something’s not right.
Some brackets are missing, my God, not tonight!
It’s that damn interest rate, with which we’d been fussing.
The percentage is good, but the bracket’s gone missing!
We jumped into action, typing like mad.
We Adobed that thing, putting back what we had.
We quickly revised that bad SOV.
And made it compliant, Cailie and me.
And then we were ready to put it to rest.
Submit to New York, and hope for the best.
But wait, oh my goodness, could it be so?
The dates on the thing are from long ago.
Well, not so long ago, just several weeks
But New York thinks of these as outmoded antiques.
So more last-minute changes and PDF-making
The deadline approached with each breath we were taking.
After typing, amending, revising, uploading,
We submit via SERFF, with no ounce of foreboding.
We’ve filed on deadline, we put it to rest.
It’s Pending State Action. We gave it our best.
We hope when returning the next working day,
The approval we seek, will be heading our way.
Our wishes for you this holiday season,
Are that comments from states are all based on reason.
We hope that the New Year brings few thunderstorms
But many (so many!) approved policy forms.