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Ad Review Turnover: 3 things you can do to change the pattern.


The review of advertising materials is an interesting challenge for compliance. We have a long history of doing many different types of ad review for a variety of clients and through that experience, we have found the biggest struggle many ad review departments have is a high turnover. How many of you right now have an empty desk – or maybe more? After you see the empty desks, take a moment and look around at your current ad review staff. Which of them will be next and why? Here is what we have found out.

  1. Training.  What kind of training has your staff had? In our experience, many smart and talented individuals struggle in ad review because of a lack of training. Ad review is generally a high volume job and when ad review professionals lack the training they need in order to feel competent, insecurities and dissatisfaction can multiply with each piece reviewed. Taking the time to train is always a challenge, but it will pay off in big ways in staff retention. At CCS, we have several ways we can help you provide training. One way is our upcoming Advertising Compliance Symposium. That is a great way to not only obtain affordable training, but also network with others in the field. Space is limited and filling up quickly, so register now
  2. Compliance support. Ad review staff often say they feel isolated and unsupported by others in compliance. What kind of support does compliance give to ad review? One of the reasons that ad reviewers can feel alone is that ad review doesn’t always get the respect it deserves.

    Compliance support can be important because marketing can be very demanding both in terms of content and turnaround. Having support from compliance leadership can make a big difference in the ad review staff feeling validated or isolated. 

    Compliance can do a lot to help retain quality staff in ad review by acknowledging that ad review is important and takes skill. Give the ad review staff respect and they will give you longevity of service.
  3. Volume Inconsistency. Often ad review workload is inconsistent, with massive numbers of reviews at some points and much less at others. To a certain extent that goes with the territory. However, sometimes working as closely as possible with marketing to coordinate work levels and turnaround times for review can make an important difference. That difference, or even the effort to make a difference, means a lot to the staff doing the reviews. Another way you can help deal with the ups and downs of ad review volume is have outsourcing in place for the overflow. Many of our clients use us for the situation in which there is simply too much for the in-house staff to handle sanely. We have also been brought in to cover for maternity leaves or other absences that can leave a department short-staffed and co-workers stressed!

Ad review retention is important to your overall compliance efficiency, so let us know if there is anything we can do to help you keep great people doing great jobs! 

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