Finding Hidden Treasure

If you are like me, you know that you can find a treasure-trove of information in filing pipelines. I like the public access version of SERFF to find most of what I am looking for because it is so simple to use. Typically, I research filings to see how any number of challenging, state-specific requirements were addressed and approved. This research can then assist our clients in better understanding and eventually overcoming possible filing challenges before filings are even submitted.


Many states, including the Compact, make accessing these insightful filings pretty easy, while other states can be a bit more challenging. In CA, for example, a written request can be submitted for information, but did you know that the filings can also be accessed using SERFF? This can be done by going in-person to either the San Francisco or the Los Angeles office of the CDI. Access to SERFF is available using the computers provided by the Department for this purpose in their public viewing rooms.

Living in Southern California, I took advantage of this ability and made the short drive from Huntington Beach to Los Angeles just before Thanksgiving. I went on behalf of a client, and was able to easily locate and download several competitor filings to a thumb drive before I was back on the road. What a breeze! I had prepared for my visit in advance by jotting down the NAIC numbers for the companies of interest, as well as the product types and form numbers included in the filings. As with any SERFF search, having that information makes finding a filing quick work, especially since I knew what I was looking for. An appointment is required, but is easy to schedule with a phone call to the Department.

If you are unable to make the trip, I would be happy to go for you – I love a treasure hunt!

And if you prefer to get a copy of the filing the old fashioned way, this link will give you some additional information to do so.