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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, except for . . .

Andy Williams had it right all those years ago. It is a wonderful time of the year. Great times and memories with family and friends, parties, presents, blessed and cherished holiday celebrations. Indeed, a most wonderful time. Except . . .


‘Tis also the time of the year for year-end planning and budget meetings. Looking ahead to next year and determining your goals, your team’s goals, and just how you’re going to get there. Nothing like adding a bit of stress to your holiday shopping, eh? 

And if you’re in the compliance side of the insurance business, even more stress. Just how are you to keep up with the latest changes in suitability and other state driven regulations that are popping up across the country? How can you possibly submit all of those new product and form filings you’re expecting in 2019!? And what about advertising reviews!?! How can they possibly expect you to stay on top of all of those agents and their social media activities?!?! And with inadequate resources!?!?! Your answer:  Need to hire . . . need to hire . . . need to hire! But perhaps not. 

Why saddle yourself with the hiring process? The reviewing of countless resumes, interviewing potential candidates, choosing which one MIGHT be the right fit for you and your team. Senior management isn’t giving you enough money to hire someone with the right amount of experience. You’re trying to find that budding superstar. That diamond in the rough that you can pay as little as possible, and who will excel at every task you give them. The problem is, they aren’t easy to find.

What about instead of a new full time employee, you bring on a consulting firm that will be there when you need them? One with a team that has extensive compliance experience. Former regulators, actuaries, CCO’s, COO’s, years of extensive form filing and advertising review experience. Essentially everything you need to address your regulatory and operational compliance needs and right there when you need them without all of the hiring paperwork and hassles. And likely for less than you would spend hiring that elusive diamond in the rough. That’s precisely what you get when you engage with Currin Compliance Services (CCS). We hope you consider us your partner as you plan for 2019. Why not check the need to hire box off your holiday list? Turn to CCS instead. 

Wishing you the very best for this most wonderful time of the year, and for a happy and successful 2019!

Author: Pete Rock