AICP Heartland E-day

Another successful AICP E-Day in the Heartland!

Well, I made it home safely from the trip to Des Moines where I attended the AICP Heartland Chapter’s E-Day. It was great to see everyone, enjoy some very nice meals, and catch up on what has been keeping all of us busy – both personally and professionally! Attending this E-Day was a very nice reminder that while it is true we are peers with similar agendas to network, learn, and ultimately do what we need to so we can get the work done, we are also friends with common interests.

Those of us in the compliance profession all want to do the right thing for the companies we represent, but more importantly, for the consumers who benefit from the products we help create. I think it is this commonality of caring that truly brings us together - those with the desire for a compliant, quality product can be found gathering in groups across the country to talk about how these goals can be achieved. To an outsider, that fact alone could raise eyebrows – why do we need to go to so many meetings to talk about compliance? Obviously, if the question is asked, the understanding is lacking. We care because it is in our nature; it’s what makes us good at what we do!

While attending these events, we are all in the role of a compliance professional, but I like to think of us as kindred spirits as well. We have the same goals as professionals, but it is the recognition of the caring, like-(compliant)-minded spirit in peers that makes us friends. It was great to see you all again, my dear friends!

AICP Heartland Chapter E-day

AIPC Heartland Chapter E-day at the Des Moines Marriott Downtown

With the AICP 2017 Heartland Chapter E-Day right around the corner, I look forward to the opportunity to see many familiar faces as well as meeting those I haven’t yet had the pleasure. I’ve never been to Iowa, so the short trip to Des Moines will knock another off my list of states yet to visit. Rain seems to be likely, so my visit may not extend far from the hotel, but it still counts as a visit, right??

For us “Lifers” the Life, Health & Annuity topics should prove to be very interesting! The DOL Fiduciary Rule is something keeping many of us at CCS busy, so learning what others are doing to help their clients prepare will be insightful. The implications are so broad; from advertising to issue processes – one can only wonder how things will look when everything is said and done. And of course, I am very interested in hearing more about my home-state, California! I don’t know anyone who can talk about their CA filing without a groan or sigh – it is one fun state!! For those of you who don’t know, I live in CA and travel to the CCS Greenwich, NY office regularly. I love being bicoastal; each month, I get to experience the best of both worlds from sunny So Cal beaches to quaint upstate villages – what more could a girl want? 

If you know me, you know that I will be so very happy to see you in just a day or two. If we haven’t yet met, please come by the CCS exhibit and introduce yourself! I will have our famous Compliance Heroes as well as our super cute CCS Cows to send home with you, plus chocolate and CCS info if you are interested, so come on by – I look forward to seeing everyone soon! Iowa, here I come!