CCS giveaways

Where are they now?

While at the AICP National Conference in Seattle last week, our booth was bustling with a stream of visitors looking for information and the latest Currin Compliance swag—often with stories of the adventures of their “buddies” collected in previous years. If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending an event where we had an exhibit booth, you’ve missed out on our very popular giveaways. Over the years our items have included the Compliance Hero, the Currin Cow, the happy yellow cell phone holder, the fuzzy bobble-head pen, the talking stress reliever, and the list goes on.

So many of the visitors who stopped by our booth last week made comments about their buddies from previous years, as if giving us an update on what our little friends have been up to since leaving our booth at a conference. It may sound silly now, but the stories were always warm and heartfelt. Whether lined up on their desk at work, on the top of their TV at home, or passed along to children or grandchildren, the buddies seem to make their way around, spreading a little happiness wherever they go.


During a break at AICP, one of our long-time CCS fans, Ken Bach, shared a story about two bobble-head pens he collected several years ago. Ken took them home and eventually ended up planting them in his yard. He sent a picture of them to his daughter, as in “look what just popped up today” like a tulip or a daffodil. Now Ken regularly sends an updated picture to his daughter as a way to say hello and to put a smile on her face. Amazingly, the pens have survived the Connecticut weather and are not looking too bad! He shared this picture with me, and I agree, the buddies look pretty darn cute.

If you have a story or a picture of one of your CCS buddies that you would like to share, please send them to us via email. We would love to include them in our newsletter as they're sure to put a smile on a face or two!