IIPRC updates

106th Life and Health Compliance Association Meeting

Hello from the 106th Life and Health Compliance Association (LHCA) meeting in Alexandria, VA! LHCA has been around since 1979 and hosts two meetings every year. The format of each meeting is like no other conference we attend, based on industry compliance individuals coming together to help each other. Attendees submit questions in advance and sessions involve reading these questions and volunteers standing up and providing insight based on their experience. Regulators are not allowed in the room during the Q&A sessions! It is a true community and provides a lot of useful information about what others are doing, as well as the opportunity to connect with people who genuinely understand what you do. In recent years, LHCA leadership has also added sessions with prepared speakers to discuss particular issues of interest as well as a session presented by regulators in states nearby where the meeting is held. This meeting’s regulator panel includes representatives from VA, MD, DC, and PA. Sessions this meeting include topics on what’s happening in NY and CA, cybersecurity, group extraterritoriality, portability, corporate governance, IIPRC updates, updates to NAIC models, Medicare Supplement, ACA exchanges and supplemental health products, DOL Fiduciary Rules, and QLACs.

I was honored to speak on the panel for the “What’s Happening in NY and CA” session along with Ralph Spaulding of Hinman, Straub and Keith Woodeshick of Dentons. I discussed recent supplemental health objections from NY, including:

  • Specified disease issues based on the definition in Section 52.15(a) of Regulation 62, requiring benefit triggers to be based on diagnosis of a disease only (e.g., major organ transplant benefit is not allowed because it is based on placement on the transplant waiting list, it must instead be a benefit based on diagnosis of major organ failure).
  • Requirement that all accident benefits be available if loss occurs within 90 days of the accident based on Section 52.18(b)(3) of Regulation 62 – this requirement is being applied to all accident benefits, not just AD&D.
  • Hospital confinement indemnity maximum ($240 in metro area, $165 outside metro area) have been recently applied by the Department for increased level of care benefits, such as ICU confinement.

I am looking forward to the remainder of this LHCA meeting tomorrow and more meetings to come!