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Maine Senator

Update to August 3, 2015 Cybersecurity Post

In my post regarding the ACLI conference sessions on cybersecurity, I indicated that the speakers thought we might see actual legislation on this topic despite the partisan divisions that otherwise have generally paralyzed any federal action. However, just a couple of days later, the New York Times published Cybersecurity Bill is Latest to Be Delayed in Senate. The article makes clear that there are many obstacles to any legislation in the current Congress, despite positions like that of Maine senator Susan Collins: 

Our nation has unparalleled strength,” said Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, who has been working for years to get a cybersecurity bill out of the Senate. “But cyberspace allows much weaker adversaries to target our people, our economy and our military.” She added, “We already know many of the steps necessary to reduce the likelihood of a cyber 9/11, yet many of these actions have not yet been taken in either the government or in the private sector.