NE Chapter E-day

AICP – NE Chapter Spring 2012 E-day in Sturbridge, MA?

On Friday, December 9, five of us from Currin Compliance Services, LLC attended the New England Chapter of the Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals business meeting in Sturbridge. Kathy Donovan from Wolters Kluwer gave a great presentation on what happened in the world of insurance regulation in 2011 and what 2012 may bring. The networking event was a Yankee Swap, which was lots of fun. In our group, we had a couple of people thrilled with the gifts they ended up with, a couple disappointed with what they had, then lost … and me. I kept the gift I opened and no one took it. My gift was something I would never buy myself, but when dropped in my lap, I was happy to have them! 

This year I am vice president of the NE Chapter. As many of you know, that means I am responsible for planning the Spring 2012 E-day (with LOTS of help from a wonderful committee of volunteers, of course!).  In talking to some folks at this business meeting and looking at the great turnout, we thought Sturbridge might be a perfect location for the New England AICP E-day. It is easy to get to for the majority of those who would drive from within the NE Chapter.  Those of us in ME and upstate NY may have the longest drives, but I am wondering about our friends in Toronto? Would you come for E-day in Sturbridge, MA, or is it too far from an airport for a one-day conference? Anyone else have comments/concerns? Think it’s a great idea? 

Please comment here or let me know by e-mail if you want your voice heard! Planning begins in earnest after the holidays. 

Of course, there are lots of opportunities to volunteer, too. Have an idea for a break-out session? A speaker or panel? Bring it on! Let’s make this another fantastic E-day in New England.