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Join us in June at the Desmond!

June 22-24, 2016 • Desmond Hotel • Albany, NY

The Currin Insurance Compliance Symposium (CICS) is coming up fast and we hope you will join us! This symposium will include discussions on important issues in our field, as well as general updates and trends that inform our daily work. We will talk about products and processes, management and communication of compliance information, and the use of metrics to evaluate compliance. There will be opportunities for small groups to engage in problem solving and to focus on improving ways to manage our jobs. We will look at some long-standing issues in new ways and also discuss how recent issues impact insurance compliance.

We are very excited to have Ann Johnston, PhD, PCC as our Keynote Speaker. She is a Global Learning Leader with 20+ years of experience and subject matter expertise in leadership, organizational design and development, and organizational change. Having heard Ms. Johnston as a keynote speaker first-hand, we are confident that you will not only benefit from her experience and expertise, but also enjoy her humor and personality!

CICS sessions will include:

  • Indexed Product Advertising:  Requirements and Risks
  • Suitability: What should we be doing now?
  • Carrier/Distribution Risk Assessments:  Why and how?
  • DOL Fiduciary Rule: Updates & Implementation  
  • Compliance Training: Why you need it & how to do it!
  • Effective Compliance Officer Tips & Tricks
  • Hot Compliance Issues in NY
  • Accelerated Death Benefits: Filing challenges in CA, NY, and beyond!
  • Variable Material:  Is it me, or are the rules always changing?
  • Hands-On Advertising Review

(sessions are subject to change)

We look forward to seeing you in June!