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Compliance and Risk Mitigation Assistance for Marketing Organizations

You have worked hard to build a successful business. What are you doing to protect it? Insurance regulators have historically focused their attention on insurance producers and carriers to ensure compliance with insurance regulations. However, marketing organizations have now caught the attention of regulators. As marketing organizations continue to grow in size and influence, your role in the sales process is being scrutinized more closely. Is your organization positioned to withstand increasing regulatory scrutiny today and in the future?

Currin Compliance Services, Inc. (CCS) has extensive, proven experience working with our clients to navigate the complex regulatory landscape that applies to IMOs. We can help you protect your fixed life insurance and annuity business from unnecessary regulatory exposure by offering practical compliance solutions.

Here are just a few of the services that CCS offers help you mitigate compliance and reputational risks:

Consulting Services

Rest assured knowing that your compliance experts are just a phone call away when questions arise. CCS will consult with you and your staff on any compliance issue, from quick process-related questions, to issues requiring rule interpretation or research, and everything in between.

Here are a few options to consider:

  • Your Staff: CCS staff can be available via phone or email to assist your employees whenever a compliance question or need arises. No more guessing (and thereby putting you and your organization at risk) or taking your valuable time to do research. Move forward with confidence knowing that your employees have the answer and can communicate it to producers or consumers.
  • Your Producers: Have you ever considered providing compliance consulting as a value-added service to your producers? Your producers have built successful practices and need access to compliance guidance to protect what they’ve built. Distinguish your marketing organization from others by offering CCS compliance consulting to your producers.

CCS experts are ready to provide you, your employees, and your business partners with concrete, practical guidance whenever you need it.

Training and Communication

Choose from a wide variety of compliance training services on topics such as suitability, sales practice issues, advertising, source of funds, licensing, and many more. This training will help you and your staff/co-workers understand the “what,” the “how,” but just as importantly, the “why” behind the regulations, and how to manage your business accordingly.

Training by CCS staff is available through a variety of formats (webinars/on-demand training, in-person group training, individual coaching and mentoring, etc.). Our training is tailored to meet your needs.

  • We offer training on issues such as the DOL Fiduciary Rule, cybersecurity, source of funds, and suitability, just to name a few.
  • We help you understand recent regulatory changes by giving clear and understandable explanations of how it impacts your business.
  • We support your compliance personnel by giving them the training, support/mentoring and resources usually only available at carriers or very large IMOs.
  • Do you need to “save” a top producer from being terminated by a carrier? Compliance training may provide a convincing argument that the producer has been trained on compliance issues and understands how to comply going forward. It can make all the difference!

Whatever your compliance training needs, we offer training programs, in plain English, tailored to your unique needs.

Advertising Review

Do actions really speak louder than words? Well, not when it comes to insurance and annuity advertising! The words you write on paper (or on-line) are just as important as the way you conduct your business. Advertising is a very visible means for state insurance regulators to gain transparency into your business, and doing it well can significantly reduce your regulatory exposure. CCS can review your advertising materials, do a risk analysis or. We offer a number of approaches to advertising review, from upfront, pre-review of materials to back-end sampling and risk analysis. Let us tailor an advertising compliance solution for you!

Compliance Guide

A comprehensive compliance guide for your marketing organization provides the foundation for your compliance program. Establishing, in writing, the rules and expectations for your employees provides evidence to regulators that your company operates with compliant and ethical conduct in mind. A compliance guide is also a resource for employees – providing answers, helping ensure consistency in actions and decisions, and providing assistance with the training of new employees.

CCS offers a modular compliance guide for marketing organizations, designed to assist the organization in establishing and maintaining strong operational and compliance processes that comply with insurance laws and regulations. You can choose what you like and leave what you don’t. Insurance carriers typically publish their own compliance guide for producers that outline carrier expectations. The CCS Compliance Guide offers unique material because it is specific to marketing organization employees and includes topics such as:

  • Who can licensed/unlicensed marketers speak with?
  • How can marketers discuss source of funds?
  • How to handle client and agent personally identifiable information?
  • The proper way to handle agent appointment paperwork, and much more.

Easy to understand compliance answers to real life, every day questions. Your organization can choose to implement the guide “as is” or it can be customized to meet your unique needs. CCS staff is also available to assist with training your employees on the content to ensure they understand the “why” behind the “what.”

Regulatory Updates

The regulatory environment remains dynamic in nature and will continue to evolve. Stay informed with the latest regulatory changes with our customized updates. No need to search through a long list of updates that don’t apply to you. We only send you the updates that apply to your business, along with a summary interpretation to help you understand how the change impacts your business. Spend less time deciphering new regulations and more time growing your business with confidence that you’re up-to-date.

Customize Your Approach

Whether you have a specific compliance need or want to pick-and-choose from our complete menu of services, we will tailor our services to meet your unique situation. Your compliance needs and resources will change over time, and we can be there each step of the way to help protect your business.

In today’s ever changing regulatory environment, marketing organizations need compliance experts to help them understand the regulatory landscape and protect the businesses they have built.

Rely on the experts at CCS to help ensure your long-term success!