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MCAS & Complaint Categorization Audits

Currin Compliance Services, Inc. (CCS) actively works with you to assess and remediate any issues related to the reporting mandates associated with the Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS). The MCAS is only valuable to regulators if the reported data is accurate. Therefore, data integrity is increasingly being raised on exams, with some states issuing significant fines for inaccurate reporting. We work with you to discover any problems before the MCAS gets filed.

Our assessments typically include an on-site analysis where randomly chosen samples can be evaluated. We review the files for accuracy and compliance and interview a number of complaint handling staff and management during the assessment.

We report preliminary findings to management to decide what remediation, if any, is warranted. CCS will work with you to determine what type of report would best accomplish your goals with respect to the project. In most cases, a report is prepared representing the written evaluation of the findings and recommendations to improve the complaint handling process.

By taking the time to review these processes with CCS, you can lessen the risk of inaccurate data in your reporting and thus implement timely remediation measures for any problems identified.