CCS Philosophy

The life insurance and annuity industry today is tough, demanding, and fast-paced. Compliance professionals must be able to foresee, understand, and solve problems efficiently based on a client’s needs and expectations.

Our staff of experienced compliance professionals provide the quality of service one hopes to find at a larger law or consulting firm, together with a level of personal attention, versatility, and fee flexibility that larger firms cannot match. We have extensive experience handling compliance matters for life, health, and annuity companies and that is reflected in every interaction with clients and regulators.

We believe that our clients deserve the very highest level of service, including:


We make ourselves accessible to you, our clients. We return phone calls and e-mails quickly, usually in the same business day, using sophisticated technology to increase our availability.

Substantive Knowledge and Expertise

Through education, training, and work experience, each of the professionals at Currin Compliance possesses the skills necessary to meet your compliance needs. Our staff regularly attends industry events, applicable training, and certification programs to stay current with our rapidly changing industry.

A Client-First Attitude

We are strong believers that it's essential to ensure that the scope of work stays consistent with our clients' expectations and budgets. Open and direct communication around these issues is key to maintaining positive relationships.

Technological Proficiency

The business and insurance world demands technological proficiency. We must work in real-time in our fast-paced world. At Currin Compliance, we have a wide variety of tools available to benefit our clients; proficient in the tools and technology and that allow us to improve our services.

Structured Fees

Many clients have particular concerns about fees and their budget constraints. Ms. Currin is more than happy to discuss the subject both intially and as a project progresses. We want to be sure clients understand and are comfortable with the fee structure. Fees can be billed on an hourly basis, as a pre-determined charge for the entire matter, or on some other basis that makes sense for the project and everyone involved.